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Peer Pressure

Being faced with pressure to try drugs or alcohol can be difficult. Everyone wants to fit in with their peers, and it can be hard to say no when you’re on the spot. That’s why it’s important to avoid places or events where drugs or alcohol might be present and to always be prepared.

Come up with a few reasons why you don’t want to use substances:

  • Would substances affect your academic or athletic performance?
  • Does substance abuse run in your family?
  • Are there people depending on you?

Having a handful of concrete reasons for avoiding substances can help give you the conviction you need to say no and leave a situation where substances are being used.

How to Ask for Help

It can be terrifying to ask for help if you know you have a substance abuse problem. If you don’t know a supportive and nonjudgmental adult, try starting with a trusted friend. Having someone you can confide in and be accountable to can really help you stay on track and away from substances.

You can find programs, events, and support on our programs page.

How to Help a Friend

If you notice signs of substance abuse in a friend, start by talking to them. They may not want to listen to you, so be sure to tell them you care about them and want them to be safe and happy. Let them know that they aren’t alone. Invite them to activities or to hang out with you so you can both avoid situations where substances are being used.

If you know a trusted adult, let them know about the situation. If you think your friend is in immediate danger, call 9-1-1.

Hope Squad

The Hope Squad focuses on encouraging and educating our friends on making smart, healthy decisions when it comes to drugs and alcohol. We have squads in both the junior high and high school we meet every other week.

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